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With anyone can chat with other available online user without registration on our website.

You can chat with them and share unlimited texts, images to the other person (to whom you are chatting with) till the time any one of you click on Exit button to disconnect the chat.

After disconnecting you can again chat with any random online available user. (User is picked by the server randomly).

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  • Private Chat allows you to chat with anyone of the online available user in a completely private chat room.
  • Group Chat allows you to join a chat room from a list of chat rooms as per your choice. offers you a way to chat with random people without registration. And its 100% free.

So, go ahead and enter any username or use our default username and click on Private chat to chat with any random person available online or click on group chat to join a chat room.

Talklast is a great place where you can do random chat without registration and meet strangers online.

Share pictures, emoticons & texts with users you have been connected with-in chat. Also, respect and abide to our Rules.

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Using is totally free and no registration required.

Use any nickname. is a chatting website which provides you an option to chat with random strangers. You can use TalkLast without registration. Just enter any username or pick up our default username to start chatting. offers you an option of group chat as well, just enter any username you would like to use in the group chat option in the homepage and click on group chat. You can then join in any chat room of your choice. At any time you can join in any other chat room or privately chat with any random online user from our homepage.

You are not required to pay anything for using It is a totally free online chat service where anyone can chat with anyone regardless of what country you are from.

You can share images, emoticons and unlimited texts with the person you are chatting with. So go ahead and share your emotions and meet new people around the world. This is a great way to make new friends and chat mates around the world. Our servers are fast and pick up a random online available user for you to chat

Just enter any nickname and start chatting, our intelligent servers will pick up any random available user who is available online and you can do random chat with him/her. You can always choose to chat with any other online user chosen randomly by our server by clicking on new chat option in the chat window. offers you way to chat with people from across the world of different genders and from different age groups. offers chatrooms which are optimized for mobile, pc, tablets, etc. Just start your conversations with people and open up with the world. Just keep in mind of the rules. Enjoy.

Free online chat rooms and free random chat without registration

TalkLast is an online chatting website which allows you to do random chat with men and women around the world without registration. You can use TalkLast to chat with people all around the world. TalkLast can help you do online chat for free and you can do 1-1 chat or private chat with random strangers available online and make them your friends or more or you can also do group chat by joining our big list of chatrooms and chat with men and women who have joined the chat rooms. You have free access to the private chat or group chat without registration or any signup / login. You are on the best platform to do online chat and to meet random people online.

TalkLast provides you ways to chat online free and find new friends or find a partner for your life for free and without registration. Our website or TalkLast app have free chat rooms based on multiple topics where you can chat with random stranger boys and girls while staying anonymous and make friends online. We have made everything simple so that you can do online chat with random strangers with a single click.

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Meet random strangers around the world. With the help of TalkLast you can do free private chat or group chat by joining our free chat rooms and chat with strangers from Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, India, South America, USA, UK and all other countries around the world. To start the random chat you just need to enter any username of your choice or choose our default username and click on Private chat button to do online chat with any random stranger available online and if you wish to do group chat then you can enter any username of your choice or use the default username and join any chatroom of your choice and do online chat. Talking with stranger has never been so easier and we provide you a way to talk to random people online without registration or downloads.

All our services are free and helps you to do random chat with people while staying anonymous. And also for gays and lesbians we especially provide free chat rooms for gay chat, lesbian chat as LGBTQ chat.

Our free chatting website is unique and helps you to do online random chat without registration even if you do free private chat or group chat by joining our free chat rooms.

Share Emoticons and Photos during chat

You can share unlimited photos, texts & emoticons to random people during online chat. This is available in both group chat and private chat and you can use this service for free and without registration. While doing random chat or using the chat rooms you will get this option to share emoticons, images or text during your conversation. However, you are requested to not to share offensive/unrelated photos or texts during the chat as this may lead to kicking you out of the chat rooms or getting ignored or blocked.

Simple to use interface

TalkLast offers you to do random chat with strangers online in a very easy to use interface and require no login or signup. And with the clicks of a few buttons you can join free private chat rooms or do group chat by joining group chat rooms for free of cost. If you are chatting with a person in private chat and wish to do random chat with someone else then you can just click on Exit-> New Chat and you will be connected with another random stranger available online. Similarly, you can join any group chat rooms of your choice.

Mobile friendly online chat rooms

TalkLast is a free online chatting website and is fully optimized for mobile devices and hence you can chat with random people online while using your mobile phone, tablet, desktop or PC, or your TV. You can also download our free Android app and do random chat with people around the world. So, stay comfortable and do chatting online and find someone new. We also provide options for lesbian chat, gay chat as LGBTQ chat for gays, lesbian and others.

Free Group chat in chat rooms

Free group chat rooms allow you to join any of our huge list of chat rooms which are based on multiple topics such as teen chat, find love or dating chat rooms, college chat rooms, location specific chat rooms, sports chat, money chat, gay chat or LGBTQ chat and many others. You can do random chat without registration. There are also chat rooms for singles where you can do online chat with girls or boys. You can stay anonymous and use group chat without registration.

Always available

Our online chat rooms are available 24/7, and people from anywhere around the world can chat anytime, anywhere. While your friends might be busy with some work but online chat rooms and online chatting websites are always available to serve you and so do TalkLast. You can use our services to random chat with people online and make new friends and talk about the topic that matters to you.

Responsible chatting

You are requested to behave responsibly, be decent and friendly when you chat with strangers using our services as this will be the first impression you will be putting in front of them while doing random chat. Talking nicely and politely will lead to make good relationships with people you meet online. And any improper behaviour or any violation in our rules will get you kicked out of the chatrooms or getting ignored or blocked from using our services.

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Free Private chat rooms or 1-1 chat

TalkLast allows you to do random chat by using our private chat service where you can chat with any stranger who is available online and our intelligent servers will randomly pick a user for you to chat for free. So, go ahead and do online chat without registration with random strangers and make new friends online. Also, you can choose to stay anonymous during private chat as well. And while using the services of our free online chatting website we request you to abide to all our rules and policies and behave in a polite, responsible and proper manner as it a foundation for a good long-lasting online relationship.

Free online chat without registration

People like to do chatting at random chat sites but however some those online chatting websites ask people to do some payment or don’t allow to do random chat online without registration. But, TalkLast offers you to do online chat for free without registration even if you want to do private chat or group chat by joining chat rooms, all while giving you an option to stay anonymous. You can share unlimited texts, images and emoticons with people online.

Chat rooms for all

Sometimes a moment comes in all of our life when we feel lonely, depressed and don’t find anyone to talk to or not even have someone with whom we can discuss he things that matters to us the most. Our online chat rooms are made to serve this purpose as well, as you can do random chat and meet strangers online with whom you can chat and discuss your life and you might even get to meet them. Also, this chatting website i.e. (or our app TalkLast) is free, safe, secure and allows you to stay anonymous.

Meet new people online provides you ways to talk with people around the world by randomly picking a user available online. Our servers pick up an online user fast and randomly so you can talk with people of Asia, Europe, Australia, USA, UK, India and from people all around the world.

You can start meeting new people and make the strangers your friends. Talklast connects you instantly with any online user and also you can do group chat on topics of your choice. No sign-up required, chat, have fun, and make new friends.



Rules :-

  • Avoid sharing personal or sensitive information until you trust the person you are chatting with completely.
  • Offensive, off-topic & hate speech are not allowed.
  • No harassment, abuse or bullying of any sort is not allowed in group or 1-1 (private) chat
  • No spamming/advertisement please.
  • You can kick out or can be kicked out by other members of the chat room you’re in, if they find you are talking off-topic or something they don’t like. You can also use the same option to kick someone. Just don’t misuse this function.
  • Receiving 3 kick-outs under your name will result in kicking you out the chat room. But, however you can join in that chat room or any other chat room again after some time only or can also use our Private Chat.
    Just keep in mind that you should not chat about the same thing for the reason you were kicked out.
  • Respect people (and their values & emotions) you are chatting with & also abide to our privacy, rules and other policies.