About Us

What is Talklast.com

It is a website where anyone can chat with other available online user without any sort of registration on our website. Basically you enter any username or pick up our default username and click on Chat Now button on our homepage (Talklast.com) and after that you are randomly connected to any available user who is online (1-1 chat). You can chat with them and share unlimited texts, images to the other person (to whom you are chatting with) till the time any one of you click on Exit button to disconnect the chat. After disconnecting you can again chat with any random online available user. (User is picked by the server randomly).

Also, along with the Private Chat (i.e. 1-1 chat) you can also do Group Chat, where after entering any username or picking up any default username from our homepage (Talklast.com) you can choose any one of the chat room you want to enter and then can start chatting with other members available in that chat window.

  • Talklast.com offers you a way to chat with random people without any registration. And its 100% free. So, go ahead and enter any username or use our default username and click on Private chat to chat with any random person available online or click on group chat to join a chat room.
  • Share pictures, emoticons & texts with users you have been connected with in chat.
  • Meet new people and make friends.
  • Using talklast.com is totally free and no registration required.
  • Use any nickname or pick our default nickname.

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Few Basic Rules you should follow while chatting :-

  • ✓ Avoid sharing personal or sensitive information until you completely trust the person you are chatting with.
  • ✓ Offensive & hate speech are not allowed.
  • ✓ No harassment, abuse or bullying of any sort is not allowed in group or 1-1 (private) chat.
  • ✓ No spamming/advertisement please.
  • ✓ You can kick out or can be kicked out by other members of the chat room you’re in, if they find you are talking off-topic or something they don’t like. You can also use the same option to kick someone. Just don’t misuse this function.
  • ✓ Receiving 3 kick-outs under your name will result in kicking you out the chat room. And, you can join in any chat room only after 2 hours, however you can use our Private Chat. Just keep in mind that you should not chat the same thing for the reason you were kicked out.
  • ✓ Respect people (and their values & emotions) you are chatting with & also our rules, privacy policies and other policies.
  • ✓ By using our website Talklast.com you agree that you are are 18 above or 13+ years age with parental guidance and also agree to our Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.